Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

Rookie (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Daniel Lloyd Kennedy Poems

1. Your My Mom 5/9/2004
2. My First 5/9/2004
3. A Breeze Came In 4/15/2004
4. Devotion 5/9/2004
5. Mirrored Thoughts 9/22/2005
6. Why Do I... You Ask? 10/19/2004
7. I Waited So Long 5/9/2004
8. Winter's Only Heat... 10/19/2004
9. Embers Glowing... (3) 10/19/2004
10. Qwerty Quadratic 5/9/2004
11. A Vision Is Seen 4/15/2004
12. Another World 4/15/2004
13. A Weathered Love 4/15/2004
14. As One 4/15/2004
15. Books 4/15/2004
16. Christmas Time Again 4/15/2004
17. Dreams Of Love 4/15/2004
18. Hold On To Your Aircastles 4/15/2004
19. Leaves Of Time 4/15/2004
20. Misplaced Souls 4/15/2004
21. Mondays 4/15/2004
22. Once Upon A Love 5/9/2004
23. Your Turn Here 5/9/2004
24. Remember Please Always 5/9/2004
25. When Rain Falls 5/9/2004
26. Woman By The Sea 5/9/2004
27. Another Night Without You 4/15/2004
28. There Is No Sunshine On The Sun 5/9/2004
29. Summertime In Texas 5/9/2004
30. What Is A Book 5/9/2004
31. The Healingspirit 5/9/2004
32. The Nearest Mirror 8/20/2005
33. Where Souls Do Go 5/9/2004
34. That's My Dad 5/9/2004
35. Where Are You 5/9/2004
36. Fatherly Advice 4/15/2004
37. A Path In The Snow 4/15/2004
38. Souls' Eye View 10/19/2004
39. Space And Time 5/9/2004
40. My Love For You 5/9/2004
Best Poem of Daniel Lloyd Kennedy


Retirement is the end of work,
That's what some seem to say,
But I have talked to many more,
Who say it's not that way.

It only means you've left one place,
An now must find another,
For all that money you should get,
Is feeding someones brother.

So now that you are finished here,
We would like to say,
We're going to miss your smiling face,
And all those special ways.

You've taught us how you did so well,
And made it fun to learn,
But don't forget to call some times,
One day you might return.

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Summertime In Texas

Summertime's a real grand time, for flowers, birds and bees,
It's also time to trim the grass, gardens, bushes and trees,
Some people say I don't like summer, but that just isn't true,
I truly love the summertime, and all the tasks I do.

But let me say about the jobs, as menial as they seem,
They're always a pleasure beyond all measure, when everything is green,
But then I moved to Texas, where stickers and thistles are many,
That's when the summertime became, a game that's just n

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