Dilantha Gunawardana

Dilantha Gunawardana Poems

41. A First Kiss 4/11/2014
42. A Fisherman On A Catamaran 5/29/2013
43. A Flickering Love 1/30/2013
44. A Fluttering Wimple 6/22/2013
45. A Glance At A Stranger's Window 6/5/2014
46. A Glass Of Whiskey 11/24/2013
47. A Glimpse At A Virgin's Mind 3/15/2014
48. A Glimpse Of Paradise (Sri Lanka) 5/29/2013
49. A Goddess's Ballad 3/28/2013
50. A Grain Of Rice 5/9/2014
51. A Grove Of Bamboo 1/20/2013
52. A Hammock 1/31/2013
53. A Hibiscus 5/4/2014
54. A History Lesson In Art 3/18/2013
55. A Home For Our Dreams 8/19/2015
56. A Homely Kiss 6/25/2013
57. A Jewel 4/11/2014
58. A Journey Of Touch 6/19/2013
59. A Kind Act 4/12/2014
60. A Kiss 10/16/2012
61. A Kiss (2) 1/26/2013
62. A Kiss (4) 4/11/2014
63. A Kiss (5) 6/30/2014
64. A Kiss (6) 4/11/2014
65. A Kiss (8) 12/16/2015
66. A Kite 3/4/2016
67. A Kite In Jaffna 3/16/2015
68. A Leper Of Love 2/22/2013
69. A Lesson In Sex-Ed 10/27/2015
70. A Lesson In The Chemistry Of World Peace 7/31/2015
71. A Liar's Truth 3/9/2014
72. A Lie (In The Contemporary) 4/11/2014
73. A Love So Precious 4/17/2013
74. A Love So Rare 6/30/2013
75. A Love Story - Sun And Earth 4/26/2013
76. A Love Triangle Under The Monsoons 3/29/2014
77. A Mad Man's Truth 3/7/2014
78. A Magical Journal 2/24/2013
79. A Mahout's Tale 8/6/2012
80. A Masochist's Dream 4/22/2014
Best Poem of Dilantha Gunawardana

Woman 3

Show me a woman
That can turn a man with her hips
In the artistry of burlesque and belly
Show me a woman
That can be filled with pancakes
And fill a size 16 dress
Show me a woman
Who can kiss you like spring
And color you like autumn
Show me a woman
That can hold you like a harbor
And scaffold your spirits with her hold
Show me a woman
That can collapse your knees
Even in the absence of a ring
Show me a woman
Who can wrench real tears
And soak a cotton handkerchief
Show me a woman
That can fill you and empty you
Like water to finite...

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When the flame of goodness
Is cheered on by a million bonds
Of diatomic oxygen
Of hearts and souls in perfection harmony
Imbued with the burning desire
To blaze vestal fires
For the bloom of spring.

"A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or

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