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Donal Mahoney Poems

1. A Not-Too-Jolly Santa Claus -new- 8/30/2016
2. At Midnight In New York -new- 8/30/2016
3. A Painting By Monet -new- 8/30/2016
4. Barber In A Country Town 2/11/2016
5. An Old Widower Drives Home -new- 8/21/2016
6. A Teacher, Long Retired, Remembers Jo Ellen Brown -new- 8/21/2016
7. Praise For The Master -new- 8/22/2016
8. Exhibitionist Arrested Again -new- 8/23/2016
9. A Matter Of Choice -new- 8/23/2016
10. Email From An Old Boss,85 -new- 8/26/2016
11. A Walk In The Woods -new- 8/26/2016
12. Grandma And The Starlets -new- 8/26/2016
13. Thelma's Wondering About -new- 8/27/2016
14. An Unclaimed Treasure -new- 8/27/2016
15. Author! Author! -new- 8/27/2016
16. Act Now Before It's Too Late -new- 8/27/2016
17. A Miss America In Waiting -new- 8/27/2016
18. Butterfly And Milkweed In Maplewood, Missouri -new- 8/29/2016
19. A Different Era 6/12/2016
20. A Man Of The People 6/12/2016
21. A Gorilla And Child 6/12/2016
22. An Entrée At An Autopsy 6/12/2016
23. High School In The Fifties 6/16/2016
24. A Butterscotch Pie Will Do It 6/16/2016
25. As Hunger Reigns 6/16/2016
26. Aftermath Of Orlando 6/16/2016
27. Potato Salad Fundamentalists 6/17/2016
28. Daily Paper On The Lawn 6/18/2016
29. A New Etiquette 6/19/2016
30. House For Sale In Shady Acres 6/20/2016
31. A Nuclear Childhood 6/20/2016
32. Flexible About Meetings 6/21/2016
33. After-Hours Hot Spot 6/22/2016
34. Ramadan In America 6/25/2016
35. At 100, Gramps Recalls Life In Mississippi 6/25/2016
36. Buncombe For Sale 6/26/2016
37. Cost Of Poverty Very High 6/26/2016
38. After All These Years 6/27/2016
39. Fireworks After Vietnam 7/1/2016
40. Aaron's Antiques 7/1/2016
Best Poem of Donal Mahoney


In the waiting room, I squeeze
this old rosary a nun gave me
the day I got back from Iraq.

I was still in a daze on a gurney
and I still had sand in my hair.
Some of it remains, no matter

how many showers I take.
Sand from Iraq lingers, I'm told,
until you go bald, and then

you are able to concentrate
on other things.
What might they be, I wonder.

But today, in this waiting room,
I squeeze the rosary tighter
when I hear, louder than

the gunshots crackling in my dreams,
the real screams of that little boy
right ...

Read the full of Ptsd

Fireworks After Vietnam

Joe went to the mall yesterday
and found a big tent pitched
at the head of the drive.
Someone selling fireworks.
The sign said discounts
for all veterans.

Joe thought of his brother Bob
after his return from Vietnam,

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