Treasure Island

Donna Caldwell


Poems of Donna Caldwell

1. Cassandra 11/10/2011
2. Depression Is an Illness 8/10/2011
3. Little Lucy 8/10/2011
4. Mean Old Bugger 11/10/2011
5. Oliver the Cat 8/10/2011
6. Our Customer Jack 8/10/2011
7. The Blonde Girl 8/10/2011
8. The Flickering Flame 8/8/2011
9. The Inner Angel 8/8/2011
10. The Male Chauvinist 8/10/2011
11. The Mole 11/9/2011
12. Tom The Climber 8/10/2011
13. You Don't Belong 11/10/2011

The Inner Angel

If I look at the mind of God I can see
A vast pure energy ball grow up a tree
He is the pure inner self of us all
Connected within us contained in the ball

The white is the inner the outer is red
Energy from the outside created the dead
Like he grew up the tree he can also grow you
With red interference it’s the best he can do

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