Donna Caldwell

Rookie (Manchester)

Poems of Donna Caldwell

1. Cassandra 11/10/2011
2. Depression Is an Illness 8/10/2011
3. Little Lucy 8/10/2011
4. Mean Old Bugger 11/10/2011
5. Oliver the Cat 8/10/2011
6. Our Customer Jack 8/10/2011
7. The Blonde Girl 8/10/2011
8. The Flickering Flame 8/8/2011
9. The Inner Angel 8/8/2011
10. The Male Chauvinist 8/10/2011
11. The Mole 11/9/2011
12. Tom The Climber 8/10/2011
13. You Don't Belong 11/10/2011

Little Lucy

I stood in the dog’s home, haggard and thin
With my tongue dangling onto my furry chin
Fleas clung onto my furry back
And my paws were stuck firm in a dirty mat

It was Lindsey and Julian who rescued me
They drove me home and gave me my tea
Unknown to them it was ate in a minute
By this fat greedy grey furry schizophrenic

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