Dr. P. K. Verma

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Poems of Dr. P. K. Verma

21. Passionate Lips 8/27/2012
22. Princess of Beauty 9/2/2012
23. PUNISHMENT 8/19/2012
24. Send Me A Kiss 9/4/2012
25. The Pen 2/1/2012
26. Vande Mataram 2/5/2012

Vande Mataram

India, my native-place, is a land of spirituality,
A symbol of great culture and civilization,

Where a host of people visit to quench their thirst of knowledge,
And to learn a lesson of love, truth, non-violence, peace and purity,

I’m proud of being an Indian, a child of Mother-India:
Who shelters all—friend or enemy, and,

[Hata Bildir]