Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Freshman - 1,192 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

181. The love which endures the pains is too strong heartily! 11/1/2014
182. The life with fortunes is inconsistent! 1/18/2014
183. The life of the one without learning is a stone! 10/8/2014
184. The learned persons shall not abuse and insult anybody! 6/19/2014
185. The knowledgeable persons will not do certain things! 6/5/2014
186. The knowledgeable persons who don't have wavering mind! 9/14/2014
187. The Knowledgeable Persons Shall Hate Five Types Of Women! 12/19/2013
188. The Knowledgeable Persons Do Not Desire…! 10/14/2013
189. The Kings Never Shrink In Their Charity Mind! 1/17/2014
190. The Kind and Eager Persons Listening The Good Things! 3/9/2014
191. The judge fixed the dynamite to these people! 9/29/2014
192. The husband shall beautify the chaste wife! 12/21/2013
193. The husband nods his head affirmatively! 10/4/2014
194. The Husband and Wife Should Develop Good Relationship! 10/29/2013
195. The house where the wife lives like an inseparable disease! 9/16/2014
196. The Guest Can Get Things Only After A Request! 10/20/2014
197. The Grammar Of A Poem ‘VeNpaa’ Comparable To A Spinster! 3/14/2014
198. The goodness of not fetching other's property! 6/19/2014
199. The good people shall voluntarily help other persons! 11/18/2013
200. The Gods who create, save and destroy the evils! 2/23/2014
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