Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Veteran Poet - 1,924 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

161. Everybody Should Safeguard The Four Things Like Precious Gold! 9/6/2014
162. Excellence For The King And The Learned Person! 1/16/2014
163. Experience Is God 10/29/2012
164. Experienced And Learned People Are Necessary! 9/15/2013
165. Eye Donation - Haiku 11/4/2011
166. False Love! 10/15/2014
167. False Prestige! 10/14/2011
168. Farewell To Duty-Minded Sincere People! 4/15/2015
169. Faulty Activities Lead To The Suffering Of The People! 9/23/2013
170. Favor Done To The Mean Minded Persons! 1/9/2014
171. Feeling Sympathy For Baby Cobra! 11/3/2013
172. Feelings Of A Fiancee 10/19/2012
173. Feigned Dislike! 7/10/2013
174. Felt Like A Hero! 9/27/2013
175. Five Deeds One Shouldn'T Do In The Presence Of The Ruler! 7/23/2014
176. Five Women Are Considered As A Mother To Everyone! 12/19/2013
177. Flower Which Has No Pleasant Scent 12/15/2011
178. Flowers Speak! - Haiku 11/5/2011
179. Follow The Words Of The Knowledgeable Persons! 4/26/2014
180. For A Better Tomorrow! 12/10/2013
181. For Best Yield In The Cultivating Land..! 9/9/2013
182. Freedom Is My Birth Right 7/25/2012
183. Friendship Of The Wise People! 1/8/2014
184. Full Moon - Haiku 10/16/2011
185. Gandhi Stamp! 11/3/2011
186. Get Involved Deeply To Do The Virtuous Deeds! 8/12/2014
187. Get Out! 11/5/2013
188. Get The Help Of An Experienced Companion! 1/4/2014
189. Get The Help Of The Appropriate Person To Get Things Done! 12/2/2013
190. Getting Friendship With People Is Nice! 2/23/2014
191. Ghost Mother Was Listening The Tv Serial! 11/1/2013
192. Give Up Smoking Tobacco 2/10/2012
193. God Of Death In Many Forms! 1/16/2014
194. God Of Justice Will Encircle You! 8/14/2013
195. Going To Persons Who Don'T Have Generous Mentality! 9/2/2014
196. Good Thoughts Only Raise Us To Greater Heights! 12/18/2013
197. Grass Leaves Its Intimacy With The Dew Drops While The Sun Shines! 2/5/2014
198. Gratification For The Person Who Made The Key-Hole! 2/28/2014
199. Great People Are Like Weightless Tray! 11/19/2013
200. Great People With Reputation 11/4/2012
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

A Guava Fruit A Day

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
is a proverb;

Alas! the cost of an apple
is more than twenty rupee;

It does not suit everybody's pocket,
So go to another alternative fruit,
Cost effective to all purse
and competitive in price;

Take it as a policy,
A Guava fruit a day
keeps diabetes away,
It is a new saying to follow from today.

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Prosperity! - Haiku

No family planning,
More children,

Family planning
Small family
Happy life!

Plan your family,
A girl and a boy,
Thank God!

Take care of children,
Timely immunization,

Lifestyle changes,
Walking half an hour a day,
Healthy life!

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