Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Veteran Poet - 1,203 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

81. To Enthrone My Lover! 8/13/2013
82. To blow the scent of flowers of friendship! 9/19/2014
83. Three views of a scholarly person for being a human! 9/20/2013
84. Three Unusual Incidences One Should Not See! 1/5/2014
85. Three types of persons are necessary for a good country! 11/11/2013
86. Three Things Which Reveal One’s Ignorance! 9/16/2013
87. Three things that should be safe-guarded lest these be get spoiled! 12/11/2013
88. Three things done by stupid fellows! 9/16/2013
89. Three qualities for pride of manhood! 2/12/2012
90. Three qualities are present only with certain capable people! 8/8/2014
91. Three Planetary Persons Responsible For Reducing The Rain! 1/13/2014
92. Three persons who drown in the sea of greed! 9/25/2013
93. Three personalities are considered as one’s friends! 11/16/2013
94. Three indices may appear in one’s (unstable) body! 10/15/2013
95. Three ill effects in the society leading to poverty! 9/29/2013
96. Three faulty jobs done by the people who has no good character! 8/22/2014
97. Thoughtless Activities Result In Loss Of Life! 9/16/2013
98. Thinking the four as young, known and acquainted leads to distress! 8/20/2014
99. Thief who spoiled the strength and modesty of my heart! 8/4/2014
100. They wait for the next day to dawn 9/29/2012

'Super Sweet Angel Fish'

My dear grandchild
A girl of three plus, born in Reading
Lives with her sister, Madhumitha
Speaks Good British English
With good vocabulary;

She asks me frequently
What is time now?
My reply is 8 AM or 10 PM

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