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Dragon Heart Poems

1. For An Angel Far Away 10/26/2008
2. At The End 11/6/2008
3. In This Day Of Simple Deeds 10/26/2008
4. Dark Draws In 11/7/2008
5. Retreat To Victory 11/7/2008
6. The Day 2/15/2009
7. Stand I Shall 2/26/2009
8. The Empty Darkness 6/8/2012
9. Go Away Old Friend 2/4/2014
10. Darkest Night 6/20/2014
11. Solstice Day 6/21/2014
12. Darkness About 6/28/2014
13. Beautiful Day 7/7/2014
14. The Coming Day 8/5/2014
15. Summer Night 6/28/2014
16. Dark Outside 11/7/2008
17. Searching 11/6/2008
18. Why? 11/6/2008
19. Flowers Of The Day 11/6/2008
20. For In Ages Past As Knights Did Toll 10/26/2008
21. The Journey Of Life 6/20/2014
22. A Warriors Poem 2/8/2009
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A Warriors Poem

Here i stand upon this field
Here i stand alone
Here i stand upon this field of battle
Surrounded by my dead

Alone i stood
Alone i fought
Alone i stood
My enermy alone i faced

Here i stand to this day
Here i stand alone
My foe's i fought
My foe's i defeated

For i stand alone
upon this field of life
But not alone i stand
for about me stand my friend's

Comrades in arm's warriors all
Upon this field of life we Stand.

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At The End

Time has come
Time of death
Yet i linger
Lingering still
Holding to life
Holding to a dream

Time who was my friend
Time who is now my enemy

I linger i hope
I linger in pain

Seeking light
Seeking hope
Guide me
Aid me.

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