Duane Botzek

Duane Botzek Poems

1. Natural Voice 6/8/2012
2. It Is By Grace I Drive 7/23/2012
3. An Eighteen-Wheeler Insider 8/19/2012
4. Instill All 8/22/2012
5. Turning Sixty 9/27/2012
6. What It Is Going To Be 10/7/2012
7. You Are What Is 11/24/2012
8. Life Just Occurred 2/23/2013
9. The Right To Write 6/11/2013
10. Drive To Write 7/13/2013
11. I Have Seen Millions Flock 12/10/2011
12. All Of “just This” 12/10/2011
13. To Quiet... To Hold On 12/10/2011
14. Spring Lilacs 2/1/2012
15. Forgive Is Of Black Dirty 2/1/2012
16. Just Breathe 2/26/2012
Best Poem of Duane Botzek

Just Breathe

When the world
Ices over you
And stifles your voice
The walls of servitude is so thick
You still have a choice
Find an opening with a warm voice
Ice is only one degree of being moist
Just breathe

A door of latitude may not
Be open to you
But even this thick ice always cracks
So when lost or fighting icy attack
The warmth of the Light
Will bring your liberty back
Just breathe

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To Quiet... To Hold On

Each life needs
It’s own quiet place
Each life needs
To savor joy’s taste
A place where time stops
But for a moment worry is gone
Each life needs to quiet...
To hold on

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