Edi Miszti

Rookie (Romania)

Edi Miszti Poems

1. Women 4/7/2009
2. Wacky Stuff 4/7/2009
3. I Do Not Want You 4/8/2009
4. Some Greek Sculptures 4/8/2009
5. The Name Doesn’t Matter 4/8/2009
6. Hopes 4/8/2009
7. Paolos Happiness 4/8/2009
8. Escaping From Heaven 4/8/2009
9. The 3 Ways Or The Best 4/12/2009
10. Flowing World 6/13/2009
11. Caterina 4/6/2010
12. Tormented-No More 6/12/2007
13. Hitler 6/9/2007
14. Incompetence 4/6/2009
15. Madness 4/7/2009
16. A Black And A White Dog 4/8/2009
Best Poem of Edi Miszti

A Black And A White Dog

Their different but they still smell their buts
Racism doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom
They just enjoy the sun and the green grass
They just enjoy being together
Basking in the Sun like no other
Being of the same species even though
They don’t look the same
Happiness is their life achievement
Discrimination isn’t Logic for them

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My arrogance will shine in this poem
while I explain your common incompetence
You anger yourselfs while I ask my questions
You arent even trying or you cant even think of the meaning
But you rush like animals to retaliate
because maybe some meaning slipped in your narrow minds
and you are trying to cover the truth
or more possibly its just your slow mind
thats only fast at runinng in the cube but gets tiered

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