Emad A. Ghani

Emad A. Ghani Poems

1. Another World 2/25/2013
2. A dying bee 2/25/2013
3. A Little Boy 2/25/2013
4. The Star 2/25/2013
5. I live between heaven and hell 2/25/2013
6. I traveled for years 2/25/2013
7. Once Upon A Time 2/27/2013
8. Heal my heart 12/14/2013
9. I and my dear death 12/29/2013
10. I gave you my heart 1/12/2014

Another World

I have been lost
In the darkness of your hair
Where beautiful fairies
Prayed and said
'Come, live with us,
Forget your world,
In our paradise stay'
I could say nothing but
'I am yours, I am a sparrow
Flying in your heaven,
Although your love is insane,
To me, your world is fair'

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