Emily Wimetal

Rookie (17/12/1995 / Hervey Bay)

Emily Wimetal Poems

1. Friends Forever 8/8/2011
2. You Left 8/8/2011
3. Happy Birthday Daddy 8/8/2011
4. Missing You Like Crazy 8/8/2011
5. The Sky 8/8/2011
6. I Never Meant To 8/8/2011
7. Memories 8/8/2011
8. If I Were 8/8/2011
9. Everything 8/8/2011
10. Heaven 8/8/2011
11. Angel 8/8/2011
12. We Are Always Together 8/8/2011
13. Missing You 8/8/2011
14. Love Me 8/8/2011
15. Thank You Daddy 8/8/2011
16. Goodbye My Friend 8/8/2011
17. What You Did For Me 8/8/2011
18. I Visited With The Moon Tonight 8/8/2011
19. Memories Of Mum 8/8/2011
20. Goodbye Mother And Father 8/8/2011
21. You Aren'T Alone 8/8/2011
22. Weeping Willow 8/8/2011
23. I Wish 8/8/2011
24. The One And Only You 8/8/2011
25. Just For My Dad 8/8/2011
26. Star 8/8/2011
27. Crying 8/11/2011
28. I Hate 8/11/2011
29. Gone Forever 8/11/2011
30. My Funeral 8/11/2011
31. A Shoulder To Cry On 8/11/2011
32. Body, Heart And Soul 8/11/2011
33. The Bully 8/11/2011
34. You Win Again 8/12/2011
35. Nothing Girl 8/8/2011
36. My Heart 8/8/2011
37. The Difference Between Giving And Deserving 8/8/2011
38. Blue 8/15/2011
39. I Truely Loved Him 8/15/2011
40. You Crushed Me 8/15/2011
Best Poem of Emily Wimetal

Will You Go Out With Me

From the first time I laid eyes on you,
I felt something inside, and hoped that you did too.
That night I dreamed about me an you,
wishing that when I wake it would come true.
You have been on my mind,
ever since i met you that first time.
I tried to get you out of my head,
but my heart told me to like you instead.
Being next ot you i feel like I'm in heaven,
Give me a chance and I'll adore you twenty four-seven.
I hope you see that we were meant to be,
Please... will you go out with me?

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You Left

You left without one word, without telling me goodbye
You broke my heart and now you make me cry.
My heart is in pieces because of you,
I thought you were better than that but who really knew.
We would tell secrets and talk about our past
And I thought this love would really last
But you went and walked out the door
I just wish we could have had more.
You would leave me breathless with your smile;

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