Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza Poems

1. Lonely Wolf In The World Of Love 10/4/2013
2. Watching You Smile 10/4/2013
3. Amnesia 10/4/2013
4. Africa 10/4/2013
5. Seasons 10/4/2013
6. Is This How The World Should Be Like? 10/4/2013
7. In A Friendly Country 10/4/2013
8. Waiting 10/4/2013
9. Look You Close 10/4/2013
10. The Flood 10/7/2013
11. Untitled 10/4/2013
12. You 10/4/2013
13. Aging 10/4/2013
14. My Prayer 10/23/2013
15. Dreams 10/23/2013
16. It Is You Not Her 11/11/2013
17. That One Night 11/11/2013
18. In Search Of Love 11/11/2013
19. Strangest Thought 11/11/2013
20. The Breeze 11/11/2013
21. He Said She Was Fine 11/24/2013
22. Here I Am 1/1/2014
23. Malawi 2/21/2014
24. A Letter To My Late Friend 2/21/2014
25. I Don'T Care 2/21/2014
26. Some Stories 2/21/2014
27. Little Tree 6/9/2014
28. I Love Being With You 6/9/2014
29. The Unceasing Feeling 6/9/2014
30. Enough 6/2/2015
31. Lost Dream 4/5/2016
32. Save The World For The Future Generations 4/13/2016
33. Let's Get Them Married 4/13/2016
34. Passion 4/13/2016
35. As Hot As The Sun 4/13/2016
36. Chase Me 4/19/2016
37. I Waited 4/19/2016
38. My Home Land 4/20/2016
39. I Have Been Left Behind 4/20/2016
40. Hey 4/29/2016
Best Poem of Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

My Name

Today …
Today I would like to share with you something
A thing that will always identify me among people
There maybe…maybe a number of people around who have it similar like mine
But hey my name though it could be shared it is mine
Mine alone
Just me and my name have a life and a future
Me and my name have a hope
In my name there is hope and help
For me
I would rather hear it being called
No matter how many times
But it holds hope for me
It holds a future
So here am sharing with you about it my name
As simple as it is
As useless a name it could ...

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Life Anew

Eyes popping out of the sockets
They even feel the pains of the frictions of their bones
And yet daily, rest is denied to them by the wicked afflictions
Children grow up with begging as their métier
Adults look confident in front of their children in pretense, all is not well
In spite all this, the world sees it, little help though
Parents are trying, but live in their demure
A deadly disease has struck
One that only emerge and it’s an outbreak same time

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