Ernestine Northover

Veteran Poet - 1,304 Points (25th March 1943)

Ernestine Northover Poems

561. Valentine's Day At The Florist's 8/31/2005
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563. Visions 1/6/2007
564. Waiting For Her Knock 3/5/2006
565. Wallpaper 5/28/2007
566. Walls 11/11/2005
567. Warm, Balmy And Gentle Breezes 5/25/2008
568. Waterproofed 1/21/2006
569. We Descend 7/1/2006
570. We Praise Him Still 12/27/2005
571. We'Ve Got It Sussed! 1/6/2006
572. What Reminds You Of Christmas? 12/7/2005
573. When The Chips Are Down 3/20/2006
574. When The Clouds Are Crying 4/24/2006
575. Where I Belong 6/26/2006
576. Whispering Breeze 1/27/2006
577. White Against White 11/13/2007
578. Who Would Defray 10/6/2005
579. Why is it that so often, the poems you try to write, 12/15/2005
580. Why Is It! 8/16/2007
581. Wimbledon Fortnight 9/8/2005
582. Wind Song 12/8/2005
583. With Faith And Hope 11/14/2006
584. With Precision 2/29/2008
585. Within The Waves 8/5/2009
586. Works Of Art 8/2/2006
587. World 5/24/2007
588. 'Yes Or No' 10/17/2006
589. You And Me 10/29/2005
590. You Know Your Fault 1/2/2006
591. You May Believe 1/19/2008
592. Your Imagination 9/18/2008
Best Poem of Ernestine Northover

Hold You In My Smile

Sweet moment, stay with me,
and pray do not flee so soon,
Let me enjoy the bliss of that
first kiss beneath the moon.
I wish to cradle this feeling,
that has only just been found,
A feeling that has unexpectedly
turned my world around.
Do not depart, Oh please remain
within my heart awhile,
So that I can savour you once more,
and hold you in my smile.

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Snow, falling thick and white, along the village street,
People struggling through the drifts, their shopping to complete,
Kids dragging sledges, excitement fills their minds,
Rolling a giant snowball, great, cos this is snow that binds.

Trees looking decorated up, with icicles that glint,
Branches weighed down with snow, which holds a golden tint,
That bright red sun that's setting, way out towards the west,
A wonderful rich vision, ordered at our Lord's behest.

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