Farshid Rezaee

Rookie (Tehran Iran)

Farshid Rezaee Poems

1. Wings 8/3/2006
2. The Violinist 8/3/2006
3. Spring 8/11/2006
4. Scent Of Sin 8/17/2006
5. Two Pens 9/12/2006
6. Took A Walk... 9/12/2006
7. Last Duel 9/12/2006
8. It's Raining In My Mind 9/19/2006
9. Stony Graves Are Ahead 10/9/2006
10. The Black Figure 10/11/2006
11. Velvet Empire Of Love 10/16/2006
12. The Snowman 10/18/2006
13. I Will I Will... 10/21/2006
14. The Haunted Token Of Love 10/23/2006
15. How How How... 11/10/2006
16. Whirlpool Of Sorrow 11/11/2006
17. Dark Corners Of Our Streets 11/14/2006
18. Standing On The Edge Of Universe 11/16/2006
19. Omnia Vincit Amor... 11/19/2006
20. All The Cells Of Yours... 11/22/2006
21. The Road 8/3/2006
22. Crucified Clown 8/3/2006
23. Solitary Knight 8/3/2006
24. Metropolitan Inferno 8/3/2006
25. A Gushing Eulogy On The Devil 8/3/2006
26. Devil's Night 8/3/2006
27. If You Only Knew... 1/5/2007
28. Life's Laughing Miracle......... 5/3/2007
29. Borders 10/19/2006
30. Life Imitates Art (A Humble Tribute To Oscar Wilde) 11/27/2006
31. A Love Song 8/3/2006
32. Rage Of Reason 8/3/2006
33. Miracles 10/2/2006
Best Poem of Farshid Rezaee

Rage Of Reason

The thought doth knock,
On mind’s wooden doors,
Haughty reason roars:
“This is a deadlock! ”

Raging reason calls,
Words armed with letters,
With chains and fetters,
To guard the mind’s walls.

Thought’s rosy fingers,
Fondle the mind’s hair,
Reason to despair,
With mind lingers.

The thought then lies,
In mind’s open arms,
Reason without charms,
Thus mournfully sighs.

Thus the battle won,
Thought tamed by words,
Winged lettered birds,
The poem is done!

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Devil's Night

Black gown of night has covered the Earth
The owl singing for the Devil’s birth
Stars twinkle but the heart is dark
The moon gloomy and the wind stark
The heart beats-but the life- still
The leaves shaking by the wind’s trill
My face is drowned in cascades of tears
My soul trembling with worries and fears
The sad tune of birds makes the shadows dance

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