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feleshia fuller Poems

1. punish me 3/15/2011
2. what makes me me 3/15/2011
3. what is LIFE 3/16/2011
4. THINK you are 3/16/2011
5. can and cant 3/16/2011
6. THINK 3/21/2011
7. WHY DO WE WANDER 3/21/2011
8. music 3/23/2011
9. SISTER ARE THERE 3/23/2011
10. music makes me me 3/15/2011

what is LIFE

As I lie in my bed at night I wander what life is and I think about mine
to me my life is my heart beating and circulating blood for me to live
my lungs so I can breathe my mother and father to love and respect me to the point I desire
the world outside my house and school beautiful as the days long
the moon and stars above the blue sky twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are
the people that I show respect and the people those try to punish me
I wander what if my thought

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