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Francis Duggan Poems

721. Amazing Nature 4/7/2016
722. Amazing Stories Of Survival 1/26/2016
723. Ambrose O Donovan 2/25/2008
724. Amhran Na Bhfiann 2/7/2016
725. Amongst The Great Universe 6/3/2008
726. Amongst The Quiet Of Nature 7/5/2008
727. Amongst Wealth And Fame 6/15/2008
728. Amongst Writers 4/18/2010
729. Amrozi The Smiling Assassin 2/23/2008
730. An Honourable Ordinary Bloke 6/3/2008
731. An Act Of Cowardice 1/27/2008
732. An Act Of Man 1/4/2008
733. An Act Of Nature Gave Life To Me 3/8/2010
734. An Addictive Nature Artist -new- 5/21/2016
735. An Addictive Rhymer 7/23/2008
736. An Addictive Rhymer You Find One In Me 4/21/2016
737. An Admirable Woman 3/14/2008
738. An Aged Migrant 5/15/2008
739. An Aged Veteran Of World War 2 4/8/2008
740. An Ageing Bloke From Claraghatlea 6/19/2008
741. An Ageing Fellow From Duhallow 4/3/2016
742. An Ageing Gipsy Woman 3/26/2008
743. An Ageing Golfer's Dream 5/19/2009
744. An Ageing Nature Lover 7/5/2008
745. An Ageing Poet 5/9/2008
746. An Ageing Poetess 2/7/2008
747. An Ageist Society 1/3/2008
748. An Ageist Society We Live In Today 8/21/2008
749. An Agitator 1/24/2008
750. An Alien's Lament 3/8/2008
751. An Almost Perfect Man 4/18/2008
752. An Amateur Artist 2/5/2016
753. An Amateur Penner Is All I Can Be 4/18/2010
754. An Amateur Rhymer 4/18/2016
755. An Amiable Old Bloke 6/22/2008
756. An Anti War Song 2/23/2008
757. An April Autumn Day 5/4/2016
758. An April Day 1/13/2008
759. An April Day Near Mushera 1/16/2008
760. An April Night 7/28/2008
Best Poem of Francis Duggan

Racism Is Around Me Everywhere

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism is around me everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Some people carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judged by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words I do recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called ...

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The Loves Of Rosita

About her ex husband Rosita don't have any good things to say
The day that they parted forever for her was her happiest day
His first name she told me but I've forgotten it's something
that sounded like 'rig'
She's sorry now she ever met him and she still refers to him
as 'pig'

She bore him three sons now in their prime on looking back the years seemed to fly
The youngest in his mid to late twenties not that long ago

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