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Francis Duggan

Poems of Francis Duggan

421. A Tolerant Society Means We Just Tolerate 1/21/2009
422. A Town On The Cusp 5/8/2008
423. A Tragic Story From Kinglake 3/10/2009
424. A Train Journey 1/13/2008
425. A True Friend Of Nature 4/23/2009
426. A True Gentleman 5/3/2008
427. A True Patriot 5/11/2008
428. A True Redneck 12/29/2007
429. A Very Good Person 5/9/2008
430. A Very Local Person 4/28/2008
431. A Very Sad Thing For To Say 3/1/2009
432. A Very Warm Day For Early November 11/8/2009
433. A Very Warm Day In Early February 6/13/2008
434. A Very Wise Woman 1/5/2009
435. A Victim 2/25/2008
436. A Victim Of Deception 1/6/2010
437. A Victim Of Her Own Sensitivity 2/24/2008
438. A Victim Of Human Cruelty 1/17/2008
439. A Victim Of The Drug Baron 5/24/2008
440. A Victim Of The Knockers 2/3/2008


Rocky peaks of Makarora in the summer wear their snow
And down the lush green grassy valley the clear mountain river flow
Songbirds piping in the beechwoods songthrush, bellbird and
This a place of peace and beauty Makarora has a soul.

These great mountains look no different than to when the first man came
They have a wild rugged beauty for want of a better name
To the coming generations these high peaks will look the same

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