Francis Duggan

Francis Duggan Poems

841. Australia The Great Land 1/23/2009
842. Australia The Land Of 1/8/2010
843. Australia The Land Of The Dreamtime 7/27/2008
844. Australia With Any 9/6/2008
845. Australian By Birth And Irish By Choice 2/15/2008
846. Australian Federal Election 2001 3/3/2008
847. Australian Magpies 7/14/2008
848. Australian Ravens 7/24/2008
849. Australia's Federal Election 2007 7/15/2008
850. Australia's First People 8/29/2008
851. Australia's Head Of State 9/17/2008
852. Autumn Tempest 1/29/2008
853. Ayrton Senna 1/3/2008
854. Babe Han 5/30/2008
855. Baby Ella Gibson 2/9/2010
856. Baby Sparrows 5/5/2008
857. Back Home In Old Wonthaggi 2/18/2008
858. Back Home Near Ballydaly 1/2/2008
859. Back In Ballydaly 3/23/2008
860. Back In Birdsland 11/20/2008
861. Back In Rotorua 7/11/2008
862. Back In Semaphore 2/12/2008
863. Back In The Home Fields Again 12/17/2008
864. Back In Wendouree Again 5/30/2008
865. Back There Between Millstreet And Ballydaly 2/6/2008
866. Back There By Clara Mountain 4/9/2008
867. Back There By The Old Finnow River 6/17/2008
868. Back There In Ballydaly 2/24/2008
869. Back There In Ballydaly Two Miles From Millstreet Town 7/13/2008
870. Back There In Liscreagh 6/18/2008
871. Back There In Millstreet County Cork 7/24/2008
872. Back There In Old Duhallow 3/25/2008
873. Back There In Old Duhallow Now 5/29/2008
874. Back There In Old Duhallow The Frosty Fields Are Gray 6/12/2008
875. Back There In Old Sliabh Luachra 7/15/2008
876. Back There In The Fields 5/7/2009
877. Back There In The Fields Where The Cails Waters Flow 7/30/2008
878. Back There Near Ballydaly 3/7/2009
879. Back There Near Caherbarnagh Hill 1/2/2010
880. Badger Watching 3/19/2008
Best Poem of Francis Duggan

Racism Is Around Me Everywhere

Of human ignorance I am almost in despair
For racism is around me everywhere
But like they say sheer ignorance is bliss
Just like Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.

Some people carry their honour in a flag
And of their Nationality they brag
They feel superior and they differentiate
And against those who are different they discriminate.

So many people still judged by their race
For such there never ought to be a place
'A fair go' those untruthful words I do recall
There is no such a thing as a 'fair go for all'.

Though we live in a so called ...

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The Timid And The Brave

I know a woman she is scared of spiders
But in deep and dangerous waters she will swim
And I know a non swimmer he's scared of water
And spiders never seem to worry him.

I know a sturdy tree felling tree climber
And he will climb to top of tallest tree
But he will cringe in fear and keep safe distance
Whenever nest of bull ants he will see.

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