Francis Duggan

Poems of Francis Duggan

8621. You Will Not Live Forever 6/3/2008
8622. You Win Some You Lose Some 6/16/2008
8623. You With An Honorary Title 4/18/2008
8624. You With Your Airs And Graces 5/19/2008
8625. You Write Of 3/29/2008
8626. You Wrote How Dublin Made You 2/10/2008
8627. Young Al 3/16/2008
8628. Young Albie 2/15/2008
8629. Young And Old 11/6/2008
8630. Young And Pretty Girl Of Baghdad 2/23/2008
8631. Young Annie 2/23/2008
8632. Young Annie 'A Child' 4/7/2008
8633. Young At Heart 6/7/2008
8634. Young Carlos 6/13/2008
8635. Young D B 8/4/2008
8636. Young David 1/17/2008
8637. Young David The Under Fourteen 4/12/2008
8638. Young Denjoe 1/28/2008
8639. Young Ed 5/15/2008
8640. Young Elijah Madden 6/18/2008

The loves of Rosita

About her ex husband Rosita don't have any good things to say
The day that they parted forever for her was her happiest day
His first name she told me but I've forgotten it's something
that sounded like 'rig'
She's sorry now she ever met him and she still refers to him
as 'pig'

She bore him three sons now in their prime on looking back the years seemed to fly
The youngest in his mid to late twenties not that long ago

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