Frank Bana

Frank Bana Poems

1. Settler's Song 1/6/2006
2. Lands Ii 1/6/2006
3. In Denmark In November 1/6/2006
4. You And The Jew 1/6/2006
5. Village Marriage Day 1/10/2006
6. Ghosts Of Mine 1/16/2006
7. Ballad Of L. In Lesotho 1/21/2006
8. Sweet Nick 1/21/2006
9. Seeking For Your Shore (1974) 1/27/2006
10. Ceu (Sky) 2/14/2006
11. Only Words Fly 9/26/2005
12. The Nature Of Miracles 9/26/2005
13. Song Of The Chobe River 9/26/2005
14. Death Of A Union Man 9/26/2005
15. Lisboa (1983) 9/26/2005
16. American Of The Century (For Bobcats Everywhere...) 9/26/2005
17. Train Of Dreams 5/4/2006
18. Freedom Train Trilogy 5/4/2006
19. Marc And Me Are Free 5/15/2006
20. Freedom Restoration 5/17/2006
21. Impermanence, Acceptance.... 5/31/2006
22. Migrants And The Breeze 6/5/2006
23. England Of My Heart 6/15/2006
24. Fathers Of The Earth 7/3/2006
25. Soul Music, Food And Wine 7/14/2006
26. About The War Poem 8/4/2006
27. In My Best Friend's Memory 8/10/2006
28. Hostage House 8/11/2006
29. Returning To Jerusalem 8/17/2006
30. Concord Of Thoughts 8/18/2006
31. New York Atonement Day 10/2/2006
32. Nazir Behind His Gates 10/10/2006
33. The Benefits Of Chemotherapy 10/16/2006
34. Challenge To Joy 10/23/2006
35. Leave The Queen Alone! 10/30/2006
36. Steel Rails Hum (Song For A Singer) 11/3/2006
37. Russian Family History 11/10/2006
38. Plants Of The Desert 11/27/2006
39. Commuter Train Blues 9/12/2006
40. Faith And Coffee, In The Future 12/11/2006
Best Poem of Frank Bana

Come Closer To Me

Come closer to me, dearest love,
To secret homes where we belong
Let my embrace be all your world
Our whispers its most perfect song
Discovered as a woman, man
In unity by four hands bound
Joined in knowing timeless love
The silence of harmonious sound
Make me completed of your love
And I will bring to you my soul
Ecstatic of our myths and tales
The stories that our bodies tell
How profoundly do I find
The essence of your being now
Adoring all your womanhood
This man in me is offered up
To call across the spaces wide
Not ...

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A cigarette end was thrown from a car window
It smouldered brightly in the road
Another car sped past giving an aura of headlight
Stealing it from the hands of the night
The butt showered orange specks around the lane
One landed on my shirt and tried to burn.
I do not smoke
I do not drive a car
Cracked eggs lay slimy on the pavement

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