Friedrich Holderlin

(20 March 1770 – 6 June 1843 / Germany)

Friedrich Holderlin Poems

1. Ages Of Life 4/2/2012
2. From In Lovely Blue 4/2/2012
3. Human Applause 9/13/2010
4. Celebration Of Peace 9/13/2010
5. For Zimmer 9/13/2010
6. The Ister 4/2/2012
7. To The Sun God 9/13/2010
8. As On A Holiday 9/13/2010
9. Then And Now 4/2/2012
10. Another Day 4/2/2012
11. The Journey 4/2/2012
12. When I Was A Boy 9/13/2010
13. Once Gods Walked... 9/13/2010
14. At The Middle Of Life 9/13/2010
15. The Course Of Life 9/13/2010
16. Homecoming 9/13/2010
17. The Neckar 9/13/2010
18. Looking Outward 9/13/2010
19. The Titans 4/2/2012
20. To The Fates 4/2/2012
21. Out For A Walk 9/13/2010
22. Remembrance 9/13/2010
23. Half Of Life 4/2/2012
24. Mnemosyne 9/13/2010
25. Patmos 9/13/2010
26. Bread And Wine 4/2/2012
27. Hyperion's Song Of Destiny 9/13/2010
Best Poem of Friedrich Holderlin

Hyperion's Song Of Destiny

Holy spirits, you walk up there
in the light, on soft earth.
Shining god-like breezes
touch upon you gently,
as a woman's fingers
play music on holy strings.

Like sleeping infants the gods
breathe without any plan;
the spirit flourishes continually
in them, chastely kept,
as in a small bud,
and their holy eyes
look out in still
eternal clearness.

A place to rest
isn't given to us.
Suffering humans
decline and blindly fall
from one hour to the next,
like water thrown
from cliff to cliff,
year ...

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As On A Holiday

As on a holiday, when a farmer
Goes out to look at his fields, in the morning,
After cool lightning has fallen through the hot night,
And thunder still echoes in the distance,
And the stream returns to its banks,
And the earth becomes green and fresh,
And drops of joyful rain from heaven rest
Upon the vines, and the trees in the grove
Stand shining in the quiet sun —

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