Treasure Island

Gabriel Gauci Maistre

(Pieta, Malta)

Poems of Gabriel Gauci Maistre

61. True Love 4/23/2012
62. Turned Down 5/24/2013
63. What's Happened 5/21/2012
64. When I Think Of You 5/13/2012
65. Why 5/22/2012
66. Will I Ever 5/13/2012
67. Would You Like To Know 4/16/2012
68. Write Away 4/15/2012
69. You Almost Fooled Me 5/6/2012
70. You Don't Need 4/18/2012
71. You Don't Need A Guy 4/9/2012
72. You May Kill A Poet 5/13/2012
73. You Simply Don't Know 4/8/2012
74. You Would Know If You Knew 5/11/2012

Save Our Nature

Stand up, and look outside
See, out of your window
All the precious things nature has to offer
Look at all the green fields we have
Look at all the children playing in them
Not a single child sits down inside
The very four walls of his home
Look at all the beautiful green trees
Look at all the birds sheltering

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