Geneen Meyers

Rookie (July 6,1998 / Manila, Philippines)

Geneen Meyers Poems

1. Life 7/17/2011
2. My Dream 7/17/2011
3. Mr. Dennis Apostol 7/21/2011
4. Little Ms. Jolly Holly 8/6/2011
5. After The Rain 8/6/2011
6. Ating Mundo 7/17/2011
7. Tunay Na Pilipino 4/9/2012
8. Friends 7/23/2011
9. Fred The Clown 1/14/2012
10. The Lovely Moon 8/6/2011
11. A Mother Like You 1/14/2012
12. If I Were A... 4/9/2012
13. Araw Ng Mga Puso 4/9/2012
14. Flowers 8/6/2011
15. Summer 8/6/2011
16. I Will Never Say Goodbye 4/9/2012
17. Mom, I'M Hungry 8/6/2011
18. Family 7/23/2011
19. Bubbles 7/17/2011
20. Tooth Decay 9/16/2011
21. Fruits And Vegetables 7/23/2011
22. Climate Change 7/17/2011
23. English Is Everywhere 1/14/2012
Best Poem of Geneen Meyers

English Is Everywhere

English language is known world wide
From all languages that were collide
English is known everywhere
It is great to use it anywhere

Upholding English to everyone
Speaking in English is very fun
Don't be shy and show your greatness
Use it when showing competitiveness

Speaking in English is as good as gold
The language of English we need to uphold
It's very fun when you come to think of it
When you're with your friends who also loves it

When you go to any country
This is the language of everybody
Being expressed in different ...

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My Dream

Have you ever had a dream?
When you're playing in the park or strolling down a stream?
With me in my dream are my family and friends
Some dream could be so intense

I was playing inside my room
When suddenly, I was attacked by a broom
It hit me so hard that I fell on the ground
And my friends laughed at me as if I'm a clown

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