Golden Heart

Golden Heart Poems

1. A true friend means to me.. 1/21/2008
2. Life Word(edited into my own treasure) 1/21/2008
3. God can be..... But he is here 1/23/2008
4. Beauty in our world 4/24/2008
5. Racist: I Have Saw Discrimination 1/23/2008
6. African to African 1/23/2008
7. Daddy's Girl 4/21/2008
8. The BOY Next Door 4/16/2009
9. A world of HATE 1/23/2008
10. Reality Prince 1/23/2008
11. Always in my memory 1/21/2008
12. To live or not to live 1/22/2008
13. Rainbow{Real! } 4/16/2009
14. One pair of tears 5/11/2010

Always in my memory

I'll always have a scrapbook in my memory
Of people I love,
Moments I treasure,
Places of the past,
The way the clouds in the sky float,
The flowers blooming outside my window,
Emotions that pass through my heart,
Knowledge that enters my mind
And whatever crosses my path,

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