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Hebert Logerie Poems

561. Mignonne, Dans Tes Grands Yeux 12/31/2012
562. Mignonne, I Can’t Leave 12/2/2015
563. Mignonne, Viens Te Faire Fondre 11/23/2015
564. Mírala 6/3/2015
565. Miss Hafu: Miss Universe Black Japanese 5/12/2015
566. Miss. Love, Doctor Love, I Am Sick 12/16/2016
567. Mon Papa, Mon Meilleur Ami 6/17/2012
568. Money 5/23/2009
569. Money Ain’t God 11/14/2011
570. Money Does Not Bring 10/5/2013
571. Money, Money Is Dirty 4/14/2016
572. Monsters 2/4/2012
573. Mother's Love Is Unconditional 5/13/2012
574. Moy Serena Venera, Ya Tebya Lyublyu, Yestestvenno 10/31/2014
575. Mr. Chump Is Too Crooked 8/23/2016
576. Mujer, Mujer, La Musa De San Valentín 1/16/2016
577. Mulher, Mulher, Musa Dos Namorados 1/16/2016
578. Multiracial Festival Of Love 2/10/2011
579. My Backpack On My Back 8/30/2016
580. My Dry Roses 6/3/2012
581. My Mother, Love And Friend 5/30/2015
582. My Papa, My Best Friend / Mon Papa, Mon Meilleur Ami 6/13/2010
583. My Pen Is Weeping Blood / Ma Plume Pleure Du Sang 11/24/2010
584. My People Are Suffering And Dying… 2/27/2010
585. My President Will Defeat Your Candidate 2/28/2012
586. My Serene Venus, I Love You Naturally 10/29/2014
587. My Wife Left Me For A Mouse 10/12/2015
588. Nap Fété Tout Manman 5/12/2013
589. Ne M’embrasse Pas 1/22/2012
590. Never Afraid To Lose A Battle 12/13/2013
591. Never Be Afraid To Fail 2/8/2014
592. Never Be Afraid To Love 9/26/2014
593. Never Cry 6/1/2014
594. Never Forget 12/26/2012
595. Never Forget Your Old Hometown 1/15/2015
596. Never Give Up 8/8/2008
597. Never Rush To Offer Forgiveness 6/21/2015
598. New Year's Day Around The Globe 1/1/2013
599. No Coup D'État In America 12/7/2014
600. No Heroes, No Martyrs 7/18/2016
Best Poem of Hebert Logerie

It Is Your Smile…

Woman, let me demystify you,
So I can see why I love you
So much.
Let me search:
The curves, the preserves,
The gardens and the reserves,
So I can understand
Why every second
That you flash in my memory,
The chemical formula changes in my body.

Turn around;
You're safe and sound.
Let me examine you from head to toes:
Touch your nose,
Cover your cheeks,
Do some tricks,
Try to fake it,
Walk, run, stop and sit.
Oh! I'm beginning to see:
It is your smile
That drives me crazy;
It is your smile
That makes me feel so ...

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To A Friend

I sighed:
He died.
He had a million dollar job,
I sobbed.
He had tenure.
He had good pasture.
Oh! my God.
Oh! Great God.
He died.

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