Henry Austin Dobson

(18 January 1840 – 2 September 1921 / Plymouth)

Henry Austin Dobson Poems

41. The Paradox Of Time 4/14/2010
42. The Passionate Printer To His Love 4/14/2010
43. The Rondeau 4/14/2010
44. The Sun-Dial 1/18/2012
45. The Wanderer 11/5/2015
46. To A Greek Girl 4/14/2010
47. To Richard Watson Gilder 4/14/2010
48. Urceus Exit 1/4/2003
49. When Burbadge Played 4/14/2010
50. When There Is Peace 1/18/2012
51. When This Old World Was New 4/14/2010
52. 'With Pipe And Flute' 1/18/2012
53. You Bid Me Try 4/14/2010
Best Poem of Henry Austin Dobson

The Paradox Of Time

Time goes, you say? Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go;
Or else, were this not so,
What need to chain the hours,
For Youth were always ours?
Time goes, you say?-ah no!

Ours is the eyes' deceit
Of men whose flying feet
Lead through some landscape low;
We pass, and think we see
The earth's fixed surface flee:-
Alas, Time stays,-we go!

Once in the days of old,
Your locks were curling gold,
And mine had shamed the crow.
Now, in the self-same stage,
We've reached the silver age;
Time goes, you say?-ah no!

Once, when my voice was ...

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Just for a space I met her –
Just for a day in the train!
It began when she feared it would wet her,
That tiniest spurtle of rain:
So we tucked a great rug in the sashes,
And carefully padded the pane;
And I sorrow in sackcloth and ashes,
Longing to do it again!

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