Horatio Alger Jr

(1832-1899 / the USA)

Horatio Alger Jr Poems

1. Barbara's Courtship 9/4/2010
2. Bi-Centennial Ode 9/4/2010
3. For The Consecration Of A Cemetary 9/4/2010
4. Friar Anselmo 9/4/2010
5. Grand'Ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving 9/4/2010
6. June 9/4/2010
7. King Cotton 9/4/2010
8. Last Words 9/4/2010
9. Little Charlie 9/4/2010
10. Mrs. Browning's Grave At Florence 9/4/2010
11. Out Of Egypt 9/4/2010
12. Phoebe's Wooing 9/4/2010
13. Harvard Ode Iv 9/4/2010
14. Song Of The Croaker 9/4/2010
15. St. Nicholas 9/4/2010
16. Summer Hours 9/4/2010
17. The Church At Stratford-On-Avon 9/4/2010
18. The Confession 9/4/2010
19. The Lost Heart 9/4/2010
20. The Whippoorwill And I 9/4/2010
21. Where Is My Boy Tonight? 9/4/2010
22. The Price Of Victory 9/4/2010
23. Harvard Ode Ii 9/4/2010
24. Harvard Ode Iii 9/4/2010
25. Rose In The Garden 9/4/2010
26. Gone To The War 9/4/2010
27. A Soldier's Valentine 9/4/2010
28. John Maynard 9/4/2010
29. The Castle 9/4/2010
30. Harvard Ode I 9/4/2010
31. Apple Blossoms 9/4/2010
32. Carving A Name 9/4/2010
Best Poem of Horatio Alger Jr

Carving A Name

I wrote my name upon the sand,
And trusted it would stand for aye;
But, soon, alas! the refluent sea
Had washed my feeble lines away.

I carved my name upon the wood,
And, after years, returned again;
I missed the shadow of the tree
That stretched of old upon the plain.

To solid marble next, my name
I gave as a perpetual trust;
An earthquake rent it to its base,
And now it lies, o'erlaid with dust.

All these have failed. In wiser mood
I turn and ask myself, 'What then?'
If I would have my name endure,
I'll write it on the hearts of ...

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Bi-Centennial Ode

From the door of the homestead the mother looks forth,
With a glance half of hope, half of fear,
For the clock in the corner now points to the hour
When the children she loves should appear.
For have they not promised, whatever betide,
On this their dear mother's birthday,
To gather once more round the family board,
Their dutiful service to pay?

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