Horatio Alger Jr

(1832-1899 / the USA)

Horatio Alger Jr Poems

1. Barbara's Courtship 9/4/2010
2. Bi-Centennial Ode 9/4/2010
3. For The Consecration Of A Cemetary 9/4/2010
4. Friar Anselmo 9/4/2010
5. Grand'Ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving 9/4/2010
6. June 9/4/2010
7. King Cotton 9/4/2010
8. Last Words 9/4/2010
9. Little Charlie 9/4/2010
10. Mrs. Browning's Grave At Florence 9/4/2010
11. Out Of Egypt 9/4/2010
12. Phoebe's Wooing 9/4/2010
13. Harvard Ode Iv 9/4/2010
14. Song Of The Croaker 9/4/2010
15. St. Nicholas 9/4/2010
16. Summer Hours 9/4/2010
17. The Church At Stratford-On-Avon 9/4/2010
18. The Confession 9/4/2010
19. The Lost Heart 9/4/2010
20. The Whippoorwill And I 9/4/2010
21. Where Is My Boy Tonight? 9/4/2010
22. The Price Of Victory 9/4/2010
23. Harvard Ode Ii 9/4/2010
24. Harvard Ode Iii 9/4/2010
25. Rose In The Garden 9/4/2010
26. Gone To The War 9/4/2010
27. A Soldier's Valentine 9/4/2010
28. John Maynard 9/4/2010
29. The Castle 9/4/2010
30. Harvard Ode I 9/4/2010
31. Apple Blossoms 9/4/2010
32. Carving A Name 9/4/2010
Best Poem of Horatio Alger Jr

Carving A Name

I wrote my name upon the sand,
And trusted it would stand for aye;
But, soon, alas! the refluent sea
Had washed my feeble lines away.

I carved my name upon the wood,
And, after years, returned again;
I missed the shadow of the tree
That stretched of old upon the plain.

To solid marble next, my name
I gave as a perpetual trust;
An earthquake rent it to its base,
And now it lies, o'erlaid with dust.

All these have failed. In wiser mood
I turn and ask myself, 'What then?'
If I would have my name endure,
I'll write it on the hearts of ...

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Apple Blossoms

I sit in the shadow of apple-boughs,
In the fragrant orchard close,
And around me floats the scented air,
With its wave-like tidal flows.
I close my eyes in a dreamy bliss,
And call no king my peer;
For is not this the rare, sweet time,
The blossoming time of the year?

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