Rookie (Detroit, MI)


1. World War Negative 3 6/19/2006
2. I Heart Your Heart 6/19/2006
3. Dirty Divorce 6/19/2006
4. A Rhyme for the Love of Tragedy 6/19/2006
5. Sluts and Slits 6/19/2006
6. A Pill for You, A Pill for Me 6/19/2006
7. The Problems with Boys and Girls Rooms 6/19/2006
8. Silly Catholics, Forgiveness is for Sins 6/19/2006
9. I Hate Your Face 6/19/2006
10. Pretty Clowns. 6/19/2006
11. A Date with the Devil 6/19/2006
12. Hardcore Barbie 6/19/2006
13. The Dangers of Midnight Tripping 6/19/2006
14. Whores and Butterflies 6/19/2006
15. In the Best Way Possible 6/19/2006
16. Royal Pain 6/19/2006
17. Last Call Country Song 6/19/2006
18. In Response to Your Request 6/19/2006
19. Marry Me, Marry Me 6/19/2006
20. No Longer a Child of High Society 6/19/2006

Happy Holes

i dug a hole and i like it there
unconcerned with what to wear or how i smell
no heaven, no hell, inside this hole i dug.

i hate there's no one to hug
and no one to love, loving no one to hate.
this world i create, is deep inside this hole.

i and me have all the control

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