Rookie (Detroit, MI)


1. World War Negative 3 6/19/2006
2. I Heart Your Heart 6/19/2006
3. Dirty Divorce 6/19/2006
4. A Rhyme For The Love Of Tragedy 6/19/2006
5. I'M Only Alive When Your Inside Me 6/19/2006
6. Call Me Whatever...And Hold On Tight 6/19/2006
7. Absynthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder 6/19/2006
8. Cocaine Prayers 6/19/2006
9. A Pill For You, A Pill For Me 6/19/2006
10. The Problems With Boys And Girls Rooms 6/19/2006
11. Silly Catholics, Forgiveness Is For Sins 6/19/2006
12. I Hate Your Face 6/19/2006
13. Pretty Clowns. 6/19/2006
14. A Date With The Devil 6/19/2006
15. Hardcore Barbie 6/19/2006
16. The Dangers Of Midnight Tripping 6/19/2006
17. Whores And Butterflies 6/19/2006
18. In The Best Way Possible 6/19/2006
19. Royal Pain 6/19/2006
20. Last Call Country Song 6/19/2006
21. In Response To Your Request 6/19/2006
22. Marry Me, Marry Me 6/19/2006
23. No Longer A Child Of High Society 6/19/2006
24. In An Attempt To Escape The Dollhouse 6/19/2006
25. Lay Me, Love Me, Lie To Me 6/19/2006
26. Peirene Springs 6/19/2006
27. Sluts And Slits 6/19/2006
28. Restraining Orders Are For The Weak 6/19/2006
29. The Luggage Wasnt That Expensive 6/19/2006
30. The Sound Of Silence 6/19/2006
31. Happy Holes 6/19/2006
32. Unmighty Mouse 6/19/2006
33. Imaginary Lovers 6/19/2006
34. Aortic Heaving 6/19/2006
35. An Anthrax White Christmas 6/19/2006
36. You Broke Up With Me On Myspace 6/19/2006
37. Broken Tiarra 6/19/2006
38. V Is For Virgin 6/19/2006
39. Rock Stars = Crap Lovers 6/19/2006
40. Family Values 6/19/2006
Best Poem of I AM THAT MOUSE

World War Negative 3

silent soldier speak to me
speak to me of bloody birth
quiet warrior tell tales of the beginning
born into this empty earth

sobbing soldier call to me
call to me you fallen foe
weeping warrior cry out like a child
tell me of your squandering show

surrendered soldier release to me
release to me your living losses
quitted warrior reveal all of my victories
won alone by carrying crosses

surviving soldier speak to them
speak to them of my fulgurous feat
wayward warrior tell tales of you were beaten
in the dust i recognized ...

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Cocaine Prayers

you know that i can spot your fear
like cocaine on your nose, my dear.

those things you think you locked inside
are the things that i can't look beside.

where you're afraid your dreams will go
is why i sleep so not to know.

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