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1561. Young Black Beware 11/6/2013
1562. Young Death 11/9/2014
1563. Young Klipspringer - Lincoln Park Zoo 5/30/2014
1564. Young Life - Lincoln Park Zoo 6/11/2014
1565. Young Sailor 2/9/2015
1566. You'Re Up Chuck 2/11/2008
1567. 'You'Re Welcome' Pink Slip 11/29/2013
1568. Youth At Risk 4/5/2013
1569. Zebra Stripes 11/6/2014
1570. Zebra Zeal - Lincoln Park Zoo 4/8/2014
1571. Zebra Zooing - Lincoln Park Zoo 9/2/2014
1572. Zoo Do 5/4/2014
1573. Zookeeper 2/26/2013
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A Dog Of Few Words

A clerk said, 'Next in line - this way.'
A dog spoke up, 'I guess I am.'
'What can we do for you today? '
'I want to send a telegram.'
The clerk handed the dog a note.
'You'll have to write it out somehow.'
The dog took pen in teeth and wrote,
'Bow wow wow, bow wow wow, bow wow.'
The clerk read what the dog had penned.
'One to ten words have the same fees.'
'There's eight words now, so you can send'
'Another 'bow wow' if you please.'

'No, ' the dog said, 'Just between us, '
'One more would sound ridiculous.'

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Making Moves

This lobster lass knows tiz time to
Shuffle forth with and procreate.
Molting and losing my shell do
Mean that tiz time to do a mate.
The main male of the neighborhood
Is where us girls each take a turn
To let him know my go is good.
I pee on him to max his yearn.
The two of us shack up a while,

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