Treasure Island

inno goosen

(10/06/92 / Netherland)

Poems of inno goosen

1. A angle from the sky 11/3/2008
2. broken heart 3/15/2008
3. dont want love 11/3/2008
4. fight of love 11/3/2008
5. music love 12/26/2008
6. no hope 2/1/2008

fight of love

Fights, fights are battles that keap people strong
Fights are battles that keap people fearless
Fights are battles that make people crave for more fights…then my question is ….why do we crave for more battles, is it for are lust of power are strength to keap us away from fear or do we just crave battles just because we enjoy them, one thing that I do know is that I fight for my friends and for my family and that fighting I call is love.
Love that keaps me strong, love that keaps me warm, lov

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