Treasure Island

innocent rose


Poems of innocent rose

1. A new glass heart was born 6/1/2012
2. A swan 10/21/2011
3. A tradgedy on the way 7/18/2012
4. Depression 10/28/2011
5. For you 6/1/2012
6. Loneliness 10/20/2011
7. On A Rainy Day 10/20/2011
8. R.I.P Me 10/28/2011
9. Snowflake 7/18/2012
10. The One 10/20/2011
11. The sound of my violin 10/20/2011
12. What should I call this? 10/26/2011
13. When Winter Comes 10/21/2011
14. Where's the help? 7/18/2012

A swan

She gracefully lands in the water feet first
Folding her wings close to her body as she takes her seat on the clear water
Like a queen she holds her head proudly high
But at times she honorably lowers it to look at her reflection
You can easily notice her in the lake
Her pute white dress makes her easily seen
But her orange and black mask makes her the mystery
Proud of herself she takes off to the warm south
Thats what i think of a swan

[Hata Bildir]