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Poems of innocent rose

1. A new glass heart was born 6/1/2012
2. A swan 10/21/2011
3. A tradgedy on the way 7/18/2012
4. Depression 10/28/2011
5. For you 6/1/2012
6. Loneliness 10/20/2011
7. On A Rainy Day 10/20/2011
8. R.I.P Me 10/28/2011
9. Snowflake 7/18/2012
10. The One 10/20/2011
11. The sound of my violin 10/20/2011
12. What should I call this? 10/26/2011
13. When Winter Comes 10/21/2011
14. Where's the help? 7/18/2012

On A Rainy Day

Under the rain i shared my warm tears with the cold emptiness of the bench
The sky sang its songs and lit the darkness of the street
The busy road roared with every car that passed by
People hurried on the sidewalk with wet feet they splashed water with every step
The arms that used to hold me and take my fears away had disappeared
The heart that was once mine vanished and left my world
Everything was falling apart and my shattered heart was the first

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