Is It Poetry

(1958 - / Bus-Boys And Poets, Washington D.C.)

Poems of Is It Poetry

4821. tragic rose 2/7/2010
4822. Tragically, They Could Have Been Avoided 12/27/2013
4823. Trailer Trash 4/22/2013
4824. translucence 2/8/2010
4825. Translucent Clear Stream 11/21/2011
4826. trapped in ice 12/22/2008
4827. Trapped On The Slide 2/15/2014
4828. Trapped Within Your Robes 6/29/2010
4829. Treason 12/16/2008
4830. Treatment-Resistant Depression 4/16/2012
4831. tree climbing 8/5/2009
4832. Tree of Life, a Woman's Will 8/19/2011
4833. Tree of Life, and Woman 8/19/2011
4834. Trees 12/12/2009
4835. Trees and bushes 5/15/2010
4836. Trees To Tall To Touch 1/29/2013
4837. Trees, 12/12/2009
4838. tremble, stutter, sweat, passout 5/9/2009
4839. 'Trembled' Your Face-My Hand 10/23/2009
4840. Tretchery 9/12/2011

Normal Sixteen

I feel I messed up this life and the world has only one eye.
It is normal no other human contact as long as it is something strange.
To many I's and to many me's,
must you explain every day of my life to me.
All the strange friends that call every day to speak to me.
You see every day your family's away or they do not speak at all.
Such as what's life it's only one life one life to throw away.
Marching past me, stopping to see, each normal day at a time.
Without ever talking, without e

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