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Silver Star - 3,663 Points (1958 - / Bus-Boys And Poets, Washington D.C.)

Is It Poetry Poems

121. You Have To Kill Me First 5/6/2009
122. 'You Have Long, 'Too Ask Me Why, 5/5/2010
123. You Gave Me, Me 8/19/2009
124. You Gave Again 7/10/2013
125. You Forget Me Not 9/4/2011
126. You Finally 12/22/2008
127. You Don'T Own Anything 4/26/2009
128. You Don'T Cheat On Him Because 4/21/2009
129. You Confuse Me With A Simple Day Not Made 4/12/2009
130. You Confuse It 6/23/2009
131. You Confessed..To Me.. 4/21/2009
132. You Confessed 4/16/2009
133. You Check The Bag 11/8/2009
134. You Can'T, See Me... 5/24/2009
135. You Can Tell 5/23/2009
136. You Can Lick The Spoon 4/11/2009
137. You Can And Will I Have 2/21/2013
138. You But Watch The Sun 1/12/2010
139. You Are, 'Who You Are, You Are Not 5/3/2010
140. You Are, 'Who You Are Not 5/3/2010
141. You Are, ' How I Suffered 7/18/2010
142. You Are The Poet I Am Your Cheese 4/10/2009
143. You Are Not Mine 10/4/2011
144. You Are Not A Nun 3/21/2010
145. You Are Evil 5/3/2009
146. You Are Coming 7/6/2013
147. You Are 3/28/2009
148. You And I Smell Like Roses 8/3/2009
149. You 8/20/2009
150. Yonder Paradox 12/18/2009
151. Yet You Give Them A Gun 3/18/2015
152. Yesway, It Is A Road To A Castle Of Ash Es 4/8/2009
153. Yesterday I Was 7/25/2013
154. Yes, She Plays A Haunting, On Maleness 5/11/2009
155. Yes, It Is 5/23/2009
156. Yes, I Would 6/10/2009
157. Yes, I Did It... 4/17/2009
158. Yes You Will 3/19/2009
159. Yes You Know 12/24/2008
160. Yes Woman, May I Come 6/8/2009
Best Poem of Is It Poetry

...................She Is Afraid, He Is Tired..

She is he,
and he is She.
The two,
now lost, loves heart.
And bright,
the yellow sun.

You once we're two,
as one,
and ran around the world.
Inside both heads.

He fell inside loves fire.
And she,
his red heart pumping burned

Both fires,
burned ice cold hot.
Within Her,
light did give U.S. form.

Over shadows love,
swept out black coals.

Your smile, twin lips.
He kissed, both miss.

His face, from that.
Bright coals, still hiss.

Now alone again,
he walks into.

loving ...

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C*taking Turns *

Short of wind your breath belies
the dragging of your heal in
dust we trust.

Sweat dried sand to face
scoured fresh blush the
wind has made
to know.

Wind lifts my arms to take
from you this gift is
precious so.

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