Jack Gilbert

(1925 - / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Jack Gilbert Poems

1. Poetry Is A Kind Of Lying 4/15/2015
2. Going Wrong 8/18/2015
3. South 5/4/2012
4. Summer At Blue Creek, North Carolina 5/4/2012
5. The Mistake 5/4/2012
6. Going There 5/4/2012
7. Horses At Midnight Without A Moon 5/4/2012
8. A Brief For The Defense 5/4/2012
9. Failing And Flying 5/4/2012
10. Portrait Number Five: Against A New York Summer 1/1/2004
11. Recovering Amid The Farms 1/13/2003
12. In Umbria 1/1/2004
13. In Dispraise Of Poetry 1/13/2003
14. Searching For Pittsburgh 1/13/2003
15. The Forgotten Dialect Of The Heart 1/13/2003
16. The Abnormal Is Not Courage 1/13/2003
17. Tear It Down 1/13/2003
18. The Great Fires 1/13/2003
19. Rain 1/13/2003
20. Divorce 1/13/2003
Best Poem of Jack Gilbert


Woke up suddenly thinking I heard crying.
Rushed through the dark house.
Stopped, remembering. Stood looking
out at bright moonlight on concrete.

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Tear It Down

We find out the heart only by dismantling what
the heart knows. By redefining the morning,
we find a morning that comes just after darkness.
We can break through marriage into marriage.
By insisting on love we spoil it, get beyond
affection and wade mouth-deep into love.
We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars.
But going back toward childhood will not help.
The village is not better than Pittsburgh.

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