Treasure Island

Jack the Ripper

(Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)

Poems of Jack the Ripper

1. Action and Reaction 5/29/2006
2. Arrogance 5/8/2006
3. Ff2jS5so Sal35USyft Hda97 6/28/2006
4. Guns of Grace 5/29/2006
5. Ignorance is Bliss 5/14/2006
6. Immolation of Peers 6/11/2006
7. In the Land of Flames 6/14/2006
8. Life 7/2/2006
9. So I'm An Abomination 6/28/2006
10. The Judgement of the Turtle 5/30/2006
11. The Medium 6/27/2006
12. Waiting 5/29/2006

Action and Reaction

Smoke a cigar, end up dead
Eat a steak, end up dead
Drink too much, end up dead

That's the mantra of today, made to keep humans from play

The facts are this: the reaper's kiss

Don't smoke any cigars, end up dead
Don't eat any steaks, end up dead
Don't drink at all, end up dead.

[Hata Bildir]