jana blakley

(10-03-89 / mobile)

Poems of jana blakley

1. a drive by in brooklyn 2/7/2008
2. a poem just 4 u 3/24/2009
3. a rocky love life 2/8/2008
4. life 2/1/2008
5. love 2/1/2008
6. Who will cry for the little girl? 2/11/2008

a rocky love life

we having problems now.they tryin to pull us apart. it seems like im the only one who eally cares. i dont know wat to do........... can i pray? willi it all go away? or will it make things worser for me?
thats all part of a rocky love life. im going to be his wife by by 2009, if lord willing and if he stays by my side. its all over grad exam: i didnt past it the first time. so, thats the reason why my parent is being so strict. well thats it..............

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