Jason Humber

Best Poem of Jason Humber

Turtle Dove

Sometimes we hide inside our shells from the world all above.
I see a mile all around when my mind is focused on one smile.
I take the needle of inspiration and ink my passion of your name onto my heart I beat with every beat from the hair of a straightness that when you produce a little bend in your mouth the world does what every flower breaths and when you stick your head out for the universe to see....The most important is 'to tell of true dove'

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Tonight I'M Your Knight

I hear the sounds of your beautiful hair blowing in the night.
Tonight I bring my horse closer to your heart so I may hold you right.
It takes two nights to live and love the way you deserve to smile.
I open my eyes and lock on my Armour chest to be the knight's moon that I hope it is always you I see through your aroma of pretty colors Today, Tomorrow, and I'm your only knight in shining heart-mour.

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