Jason Yarkie

Jason Yarkie Poems

1. Stains On The Mirror. 9/17/2011
2. Alone. 9/17/2011
3. Smile Empty Soul. 9/17/2011
4. A Single Rose. 9/17/2011
5. Know Myself. 9/17/2011
6. In My Arms. 9/17/2011
7. Kiss Of My Perdition. 9/17/2011
8. Empty And Forgotten. 9/17/2011
9. Nightmares. 9/17/2011
10. Eternal Pain. 9/17/2011
11. One More Kiss. 9/17/2011
12. One Real Kiss. 9/17/2011
13. Kiss Me. 9/17/2011
14. In My Shyness. 9/17/2011
Best Poem of Jason Yarkie

In My Shyness.


In my shyness...

At times I retreat to my 'shell, '

Clinging to the security of being alone.

In my shyness...

I may attempt to merge with my surroundings-

To be ignored, unnoticed, a silent voice rarely heard.

In my shyness...

I can feel completely alone,

Although surrounded by people.

In my shyness...

I'm perceived as having a padlocked soul-

And few try to gain entry into my realm.

In my shyness...

Few will dare venture to really know me-

To hear my quiet voice or to really...

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