Jayanta Mahapatra

(22 October 1928 - / Cuttack / India)

Jayanta Mahapatra Poems

1. Sanskrit 12/27/2013
2. The Vase 12/27/2013
3. Main Temple Street 12/27/2013
4. Twilight 12/27/2013
5. The Indian Way 12/27/2013
6. Taste For Tomorrow 12/27/2013
7. Summer 12/27/2013
8. The Captive Air Of Chandipur-On-Sea 12/27/2013
9. The Moon Moments 12/27/2013
10. Dhauli 12/27/2013
11. A Summer Poem 12/27/2013
12. Grandfather 12/27/2013
13. A Rain Of Rites 12/27/2013
14. Ash 3/29/2012
15. Dawn At Puri 12/27/2013
16. Her Hand 3/29/2012
17. Freedom 3/29/2012
18. Hunger 3/29/2012
Best Poem of Jayanta Mahapatra


It was hard to believe the flesh was heavy on my back.
The fisherman said: Will you have her, carelessly,
trailing his nets and his nerves, as though his words
sanctified the purpose with which he faced himself.
I saw his white bone thrash his eyes.

I followed him across the sprawling sands,
my mind thumping in the flesh's sling.
Hope lay perhaps in burning the house I lived in.
Silence gripped my sleeves; his body clawed at the froth
his old nets had only dragged up from the seas.

In the flickering dark his lean-to opened like a wound.
The wind ...

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Her Hand

The little girl's hand is made of darkness
How will I hold it?

The streetlamps hang like decapitated heads
Blood opens that terrible door between us

The wide mouth of the country is clamped in pain
while its body writhes on its bed of nails

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