Jayanta Mahapatra

(22 October 1928 - / Cuttack / India)

Jayanta Mahapatra Poems

1. The Vase 12/27/2013
2. Twilight 12/27/2013
3. The Indian Way 12/27/2013
4. The Moon Moments 12/27/2013
5. Main Temple Street 12/27/2013
6. Sanskrit 12/27/2013
7. Taste For Tomorrow 12/27/2013
8. Summer 12/27/2013
9. Grandfather 12/27/2013
10. Dhauli 12/27/2013
11. The Captive Air Of Chandipur-On-Sea 12/27/2013
12. A Rain Of Rites 12/27/2013
13. A Summer Poem 12/27/2013
14. Ash 3/29/2012
15. Her Hand 3/29/2012
16. Dawn At Puri 12/27/2013
17. Freedom 3/29/2012
18. Hunger 3/29/2012
Best Poem of Jayanta Mahapatra


It was hard to believe the flesh was heavy on my back.
The fisherman said: Will you have her, carelessly,
trailing his nets and his nerves, as though his words
sanctified the purpose with which he faced himself.
I saw his white bone thrash his eyes.

I followed him across the sprawling sands,
my mind thumping in the flesh's sling.
Hope lay perhaps in burning the house I lived in.
Silence gripped my sleeves; his body clawed at the froth
his old nets had only dragged up from the seas.

In the flickering dark his lean-to opened like a wound.
The wind ...

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At times, as I watch,
it seems as though my country's body
floats down somewhere on the river.

Left alone, I grow into
a half-disembodied bamboo,
its lower part sunk
into itself on the bank.

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