John Wilbye

(7 March 1574 - September 1638 / Brome, Suffolk)

John Wilbye Poems

1. A Silly Sylvan, Kissing Heav'N-Born Fire 5/31/2012
2. All Pleasure Is Of This Condition 5/31/2012
3. And Though My Love Abounding 5/31/2012
4. Ay Me; Can Every Rumour 5/31/2012
5. Change Me, O Heav'Ns 5/31/2012
6. Dear Pity, How, Ah! 5/31/2012
7. Die, Hapless Man 5/31/2012
8. Down In A Valley As Alexis Trips 5/31/2012
9. Happy Streams, Whose Trembling Fall 5/31/2012
10. O Fools! Can You Not See 5/31/2012
11. O God, The Rock Of My Whole Strength 5/31/2012
12. O, What Shall I Do 5/31/2012
13. O Wretched Man! 5/31/2012
14. Of Joys And Pleasing Pains 5/31/2012
15. So Light Is Love 5/31/2012
16. Oft Have I Vow'D 5/31/2012
17. Softly, O! Dropp Mine Eyes 5/31/2012
18. Stay, Corydon, Thou Swain 5/31/2012
19. I Always Beg 5/31/2012
20. I Am Quite Tired With My Groans 5/31/2012
21. I Fall, I Fall 5/31/2012
22. I Live, And Yet Methinks I Do Not Breathe 5/31/2012
23. I Love, Alas! Yet Am Not Loved 5/31/2012
24. I Sung Sometimes 5/31/2012
25. Sweet Love, If Thou Wilt Gain 5/31/2012
26. The Lady Oriana 5/31/2012
27. There Is A Jewel 5/31/2012
28. There, Where I Saw Her Lovely Beauty Painted 5/31/2012
29. Thou Art But Young, Thou Say’st 5/31/2012
30. Thus Love Commands 5/31/2012
31. Unkind, O, Stay Thy Flying! 5/31/2012
32. Weep, O Mine Eyes 5/31/2012
33. What Needeth All This Travail? 5/31/2012
34. When Cloris Heard 5/31/2012
35. When Shall My Wretched Life 5/31/2012
36. Where Most My Thoughts 5/31/2012
37. Ye Restless Thoughts 5/31/2012
38. Ye That Do Live In Pleasures 5/31/2012
39. Yet, Sweet, Take Heed 5/31/2012
40. Lady, Your Words Do Spite Me 5/31/2012
Best Poem of John Wilbye

Love Not Me For Comely Grace

Love not me for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face;
Nor for any outward part,
No, nor for my constant heart:
For those may fail or turn to ill,
So thou and I shall sever.
Keep therefore a true woman's eye,
And love me still, but know not why;
So hast thou the same reason still
To doat upon me ever.

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As Fair As Morn

As fair as morn, as fresh as May,
a pretty grace in saying nay,
Smil'st thou sweetheart?
then sing and say, Ta na na no,
But O! that love enchanting eye,
Lo, here my doubtful doom I try,
Tell me my sweet, live I or die?
She smiles, fa la la la,
Ah, she frowns, Ay me, I die.

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