Treasure Island

Joline Gordon


Poems of Joline Gordon

1. Closing The Door 11/9/2006
2. For You Mom 8/14/2006
3. Just Keep Swimming 3/4/2013
4. Stepping Stone 8/14/2006
5. Surrounded By Deception 8/14/2006
6. The Fire in the Sky 8/14/2006
7. Unrequited Love 2/22/2013
8. Whispers In The Night 2/22/2013

Closing The Door

My soul was robbed of its passion and its brilliance
My words now are nothing more than empty expressions
My affections no longer astray but rather absent indefinitely
And in their absence dwindles the fuel for my obsessions

The air that surrounds me has become thick and stagnant
My cynicism now lingers where it used to flow
My crusade for the unattainable has ceased its efforts
I am sinking into an abyss of my own sorrow

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