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Jonathan ROBIN Poems

161. Autumn Sunbeams 6/10/2013
162. Avant - French Translation Before The World Was Made William Butler Yeats 6/19/2013
163. Awakening For Seasons 10/23/2006
164. Awakening Shapes Awakening 2/12/2007
165. Awning 12/28/2006
166. B.P. Stands For Burst Pipeline, Well Indeed 7/5/2013
167. Babe And Book 3/12/2013
168. Babylon - Pride Before Fall 10/23/2006
169. Balare - 1784 - We Sprinkle Stardust On Each Day 4/27/2012
170. Ballade Of Ultimate Necessity, An Encore - Parody Author Unknown 10/23/2006
171. Ballooning Blue Hopes 9/28/2013
172. Ballroom Dance 7/4/2013
173. Bare Hand Bear Lands Blow 1/12/2013
174. Baring Facts 7/15/2013
175. Barter, Bait 5/29/2013
176. Bastille Day 6/26/2013
177. Be At Ease As Poet 6/18/2013
178. Be At! Abet- Or Beat A Bet? 1/18/2010
179. Beacon Beckon 8/5/2006
180. Beast Year For Robin Lost Among The Stars After Claude Roy Bestiaire Du Rouge Gorge 9/10/2013
181. Beata Elizabeth 4/28/2012
182. Beauty And The Beast 6/12/2013
183. Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty 4/28/2013
184. Bee Lines 11/10/2006
185. Before The Fall For Annie Boudet 7/17/2013
186. Begging The Question 6/19/2013
187. Behind Sphinx Smile 3/14/2012
188. Behind Surface Smile 12/25/2013
189. Bell’s Palsy Ii – Number Seven Optic Nerve 9/7/2013
190. Bell's Palsy I Penned Stroke On Stroke Penned - Optimistic In...Sight 12/5/2007
191. Bell's Palsy Iii - Recounting Countdown 10/3/2013
192. Bell's Palsy Iv - Shocks And Spills 10/3/2013
193. Bell's Palsy Ix - Unexpected 10/3/2013
194. Bell's Palsy Sonnet Crown Frown 9/7/2013
195. Bell's Palsy V - Perpetual Paradox 10/3/2013
196. Bell's Palsy Vi - The Years 10/3/2013
197. Bell's Palsy Vii - Unwinking Wit 10/3/2013
198. Bell's Palsy Viii - From Hale To Pale 10/3/2013
199. Bell's Palsy X - Date With Ephemerality 10/3/2013
200. Bell's Palsy Xi - Schemes Dreamed 10/3/2013
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Research On Cinderella - After Shel Silverstein In Search Of Cinderella

From dawn till dusk,
from land to land,
without too much ado,
I'd seek the perfect ankle,
From dawn til dusk
I'd stretch my hand
to virgin, husk, not you!
perceptions change, oh dear, they do!
perfection minds must rankle

In Search of Cinderella

From dusk to dawn,
From town to town,
Without a single clue,
I seek the tender, slender foot
To fit this crystal shoe.
From dusk to dawn,
I try it on
Each damsel that I meet.
And I still love her so, but oh,
I've started hating feet.

Shel Silverstein

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Hong Kong

Spinning criss cross patterns as they post across the harbour,
spray kissing, barely miss each other, business to the fore,
the junks and ferries seem such toys when seen from seventh floor
or stateroom on the seventeenth, but does it matter any more?

Does it matter, for the room is insulated from outside,
from heat and from humidity, from differences too wide
in wealth and wisdom where the West unwelcome is as bride,
though brides are taken for a time, who doweries provide.

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