Julian Mann

Julian Mann Poems

1. How Is It 7/4/2012
2. A Handful Of Jewels 7/5/2012
3. Fool 7/5/2012
4. Make Promise 7/5/2012
5. Window 7/7/2012
6. Moment 7/10/2012
7. A Study Of Song No.11 On A Mirror Disc 7/11/2012
8. Crystal Joy 12/12/2012
9. One Little Night 4/18/2013
10. Woman Somewhere 4/21/2013
11. Your Plane, Whoever You Are 7/19/2013
12. Something In Everything 8/25/2013
13. Into Likeness 4/29/2013
14. In Nature There Is A Power 2/13/2014
15. How Complete The Fields Look 2/17/2014
16. I See A Loft Light Far Away 6/30/2012
17. The Book 7/1/2012
18. Burning Wheel 7/1/2012
19. Sun Field 7/1/2012
20. Girlfriend On The Rocks 7/2/2012
21. If She Comes Ever To Those Banks 8/10/2014
22. And Should I See Love Walking Nearby 8/11/2014
23. Now The Sun Goes To Its Rest 9/4/2014
24. Now The Hedges Are Bearing Gifts 9/4/2014
25. Now The Heady Bonfire Air 9/4/2014
26. Raining Hay 9/18/2014
27. How I Love Thy Fields Plain 9/22/2014
28. The Lass Of Alberry 9/22/2014
29. To The Milking Gone 10/2/2014
30. Historic Market Town 10/10/2014
31. Down Autumn's Lane 10/10/2014
32. My Roving Art 10/24/2014
33. The Village Where The Sun Goes Down 11/4/2014
34. Plough On 12/11/2014
35. My Fields Are Fair, My Fields Are Green 4/11/2015
36. I Ramble O'Er Fields And Hills 4/26/2015
37. May And New Love 5/7/2015
38. She Holds Hearts 5/7/2015
39. On Coombe Hill 6/18/2015
40. Another Faery Song 7/2/2015
Best Poem of Julian Mann

Her Words Made Silence

Her words made silence
All the more sweet;
When uttered they would lilt,
The morning air to meet.

All through the day I kept
A dew drop's wish with me
To hear her whispers trickle,
Her rosy cheeks to see.

I stumbled back at night
The way I came through dawn,
Looking for the trail
To where my joy was born:

A lonely flower was all
I saw in that dark vale,
As shafts of moonlight cast
On leaves her face so pale.

And blushing just as she
Did when I held her hand,
I fell with my broken heart
At her memory's command.

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The Book

I had to get out for a day
to see what it was
(a crazy thought)
I'd been looking past
but when we said goodbye
your eyes said
find me
I like to say I have no time

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