julisw kelley

(11-23-93 / 11-23-93)

Poems of julisw kelley

1. Can U See Angel 9/30/2011
2. LOVE 9/30/2011
3. Love Life 10/7/2011
4. Sun Rise The Mood Fall 10/7/2011
5. WHERE YOU GO 10/5/2011

Sun Rise The Mood Fall

sun rise each morring your a wake each moring
the moon fall dialy but when it become mide night
the moon rise and the sun fall
when moon rise it set a upon your face
the sun glow upon your face with your eyes glow like the ocean
in the moring where didi the moon go
sun rise up when you read for the day to star and
the moon fall down the sun is king
the mood rise once aging when it night

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