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Best Poem of Kaci Tami

Sea Dragons

Along Australia’s meandering coastline
Live a bevy of remarkable sea life
But none so spectacular then
The elegant sea dragons
Part myth but weedy camouflage
Their long thin bodies like needles
And elongated snouts
Make the sea dragon hard to detect
Now endangered the leafy sea dragon
Is immortalised a the marine emblem
Of South Australia
Like their cousins the sea horses
They live in the depths of the sea
Male dragons conceive and maintain the brood
Until they hatch and whilst mother dragon
Swim nearby like the imperial guards of old
Guarding ...

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Is the one
Day of The year
That I look forward to
Not because of the presents received
But it is the day I am allowed to choose
Whatever I want for breakfast, lunch
Dinner and tea and snacks in between
Instead of the usual meals mum makes me

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