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(November 2,1994 / Indianapolis, Indiana)

Poems of Ke'Love Moss

1. *A KISS* 7/24/2009
2. *ANGRY* 7/13/2009
3. *BEAUTY* 7/13/2009
4. *DEEP DOWN* 7/13/2009
5. *GOD IT HURTS* 7/13/2009
6. *LOVE |* 7/24/2009
7. *LOVE AND ABUSED* 7/13/2009
8. *LOVE* 7/13/2009
9. *MY LOVE FOR YOU * 7/24/2009
10. *SHOULD I * 7/15/2009
11. *SILENT SCREAM* 7/15/2009
13. *SOMETIMES I WONDER* 7/13/2009
14. *TO BE IN LOVE* 7/13/2009
15. *WHAT AM* 7/15/2009
16. *WHAT YOU DO TO ME* 7/13/2009
17. *WHEN I LOOK AT YOU* 7/13/2009
18. *WONDERING* 7/13/2009


Deep down inside I'm hurting.
Deep down inside I'm crying.
Deep down inside I know there's something wrong but i dont know how or what to do about it.
So I just sit here and think, think about how much I'm hurting and wont tell anybody about how deep down inside I'm DIEING.
I'm Dieing from all the hurt and pain and abuse I've been put through.
And I just sit here and die, die from all the abuse, die from holding everything in, die frm not seeking help when I know I needed
I've gain fr

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