Keki Daruwalla

(1937 - / Lahore / British India (Pakistan))

Keki Daruwalla Poems

1. Alexander Crosses The Hellespont 3/28/2012
2. The Poseidonians 3/28/2012
3. Al-Azhar Lecture 3/28/2012
4. Wolf 3/28/2012
5. Notes From The Underground 3/28/2012
6. Underwater Notes 3/28/2012
7. A Take-Off On A Passing Remark 3/28/2012
8. Bars 3/28/2012
9. Migrations 3/28/2012
10. Suddenly The Tree 3/28/2012
11. Map-Maker 3/28/2012
12. Sappho To Aphrodite 3/28/2012
13. Before The Word 3/28/2012
14. Fish 3/28/2012
Best Poem of Keki Daruwalla


The sea came in with her and her curved snout
and her tin coloured barnacles
and long threaded rose moles
patterned on her body.

The sea brought her and her curved snout
and her rose moles and her eyes still translucent
as if half aware and half unaware
of the state of her body.

The sea came in with her and her scimitar snout
and her translucent eyes
greying into stone.

The sea brought her in,
wrapped in seaweed
and slapped her on the sand,
all five feet of her
with the armour of her scales
and the filigree of her rose moles. ...

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