Kenneth Davis

Rookie (September 4,1987-Present / Newport News, VA)

Kenneth Davis Poems

1. All It Takes 10/6/2011
2. Away For Too Long 10/6/2011
3. Cage The Beast 10/6/2011
4. Can I Be That Man 10/6/2011
5. A Good Night Sleep 10/6/2011
6. Drifting Slowly 10/6/2011
7. Hiding Behind The Cameras 10/6/2011
8. If Heaven Could Wait 10/6/2011
9. Into Words 10/6/2011
10. It All Started With A Drink 10/6/2011
11. Left Unsaid 10/6/2011
12. Reaching Out 10/6/2011
13. She Is Revealed 10/6/2011
14. Shower Therapy 10/6/2011
15. Sorry But I Cant 10/6/2011
16. What Does A Man Do 10/6/2011
17. Torn Pages 10/6/2011
18. Wanting To Touch 10/6/2011
19. Woman Of Many Names 1/23/2012
20. Know What I Am Missing 6/4/2014
21. Nomad 4/17/2014
22. Suicide Love 10/6/2011
23. Save My Heart 10/6/2011
24. One Wish 10/6/2011
25. On This Day 10/6/2011
26. Parade For Christ 10/6/2011
27. My Only Christmas 4/17/2014
28. Why Wear A Mask 10/6/2011
29. Outstanding Mother 10/6/2011
30. Cry For Help 10/6/2011
31. Oh Brother Where Art Thou 4/17/2014
32. Reading Between The Lines 4/17/2014
33. A Good Night Kiss 10/24/2011
34. To Be A Child Again 10/6/2011
35. My Love For Her 10/6/2011
36. How I Picture Heaven 10/6/2011
37. Thank You Lord 4/17/2014
38. More Than A Mother 10/6/2011
39. Love In Admiration 10/6/2011
40. Stargazing 12/31/2011
Best Poem of Kenneth Davis

A Rose Is, But A Rose

A Rose Is, But A Rose by Kenny Davis

A rose is, but a rose
Its illustrious petals has me drawn to her
With every one that blooms and blossoms I yearn for her
For with every one that drops and withers away I mourn for her

A rose is, but a rose
Holds such beauty like that of the Garden of Eden
Thanking god for the gift of this rose, I find myself pleading
Hoping that the beauty found in this rose is not misleading

A rose is, but a rose
With its true essence hidden under its thorns
Cherishing, treasuring, and loving it beyond its pain and ...

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A Good Night Sleep

A Good Night Sleep by Kenny Davis

There have been many nights I have laid there awake
The late night toss and turns are becoming more than I can take

The endless tossing and turning with very little success
Only getting a minute or two of sleep, maybe less

Many sleepless nights, wondering if something is wrong

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