Treasure Island

Kenneth Slessor

(27 March 1901 – 30 June 1971 / Orange, New South Wales)

Poems of Kenneth Slessor

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61. Thieves' Kitchen 4/1/2010
62. To a Friend 4/1/2010
63. To Myself 4/1/2010
64. To The Poetry Of Hugh Mccrae 4/1/2010
65. Toilet Of A Dandy 4/1/2010
66. Trade Circular 4/1/2010
67. Undine 4/1/2010
68. Vesper-Song Of The Reverend Samuel Marsden 4/1/2010
69. Waters 4/1/2010
70. Wild Grapes 4/1/2010
71. William Street 1/1/2004
72. Winter Dawn 4/1/2010


These black bush-waters, heavy with crusted boughs
Like plumes above dead captains, wake the mind....
Uncounted kissing, unremembered vows,
Nights long forgotten, moons too dark to find,
Or stars too cold...all quick things that have fled
Whilst these old bubbles uprise in older stone,
Return like pale dead faces of children dead,
Staring unfelt through doors for ever unknown.

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