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(May,26th,1969 / Concord California)

Poems of Kimberly (Strothman) Anderson

1. 2006 will be bright 12/19/2005
2. Am I hoardy as I hit forty 7/30/2009
3. Beauty in the Night 7/29/2005
4. Because of you.... 8/30/2008
5. Dear Dad 12/25/2008
6. Did you know... 8/30/2008
7. Eloquent Manifestation 7/21/2005
8. Finding Myself 5/3/2006
9. Finding the Sunset 6/18/2005
10. Free Wind 6/10/2005
11. Goodbye Mom Hope your birthday is swell 7/18/2007
12. Graceful Celebration 9/2/2005
13. Gregory Lee Anderson will you marry me again 7/30/2009
14. Harvest Time 10/8/2006
15. Help Me 5/4/2008
16. I appreciate you 5/1/2008
17. I have dreams 8/30/2008
18. If I don't write I will explode with an unrequited heart 7/1/2005
19. If truth be told, l don't know what to say 7/30/2009
20. I'm a survivor, more likely, I am a thriver 7/30/2009

Finding the Sunset

Beautiful isn't it. The plethra of color amongst the rocks
a well worn rhyme, a tantilizing night sky wooing us forth
O where is beauty we ask. Is all we have to do is look, listen feel
the unfinished prose of life. Guiding us.loving us. pursuing us

Open the harkened sky, the moon in the midst of praise and adoration that does belong to God.. Feel the guidance in the moonlight. Feel the direction in the sun rise. Don't stop until its done o keeper of my soul. passionately pulling me

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